Package Design

A specialized function under the umbrella of Graphic Design. Package design involves much more than displaying a logo on a box. The package is often the primary introduction between product and consumer, the first impression.

Packaging has power – enormous power – over what we buy. Just as the fashions we wear express who we are, packaging does that for products. We identify with a product because we believe that it does for us what we wish it to do. And as any brand manager will tell you, we buy the “brand promise” and the package both carries and promotes much of that promise.

Just as important as are the creative design considerations, there are many more issues today involving eco-friendly materials. Legal requirements related to product information as well as printing and packaging costs are all aspects of the Package Design service I provide.

Services include:
Packaging: cups, cans, disposable cutlery, bottles, glasses, cartons, boxes, crates, pallets, bags, screw caps, shrink wraps, plates, carrier bags,
tubes, etc.

Service packaging: transport or sales packaging, such as carrier bags, packets, bottles or similar wrappings, provided that this type of packaging
is manufactured in a technically uniform manner and usually filled at or near the point of sale.

Packaging aids: stickers, filling material (flakes), adhesive tapes, hoops, transport safety girdles, etc.