Print | Prepress

Print and Prepress is both a technical skill and a client service. Although it is the final stage of the overall design process, it is crucial to address all related concerns from the outset. Prepress refers to the preparation of digital files for printing, and includes issues of quality as they relate to image resolution, color modes, file formats, etc.

I work directly with the printer of choice to ensure that all printer specifications and requirements have been met, as well as selecting the correct printer for a project. Printing options include Digital Printing, Offset Printing, Screen Printing and Thermography, and the project will determine which process will achieve the goals and at the least expense.

I consult with each client regarding not only the current needs, but future expectations. I review, suggest and assist with the collection of images and artwork to ensure quality and provide quotes from a variety of qualified printers. I have worked with printers across the country in addition to many overseas.